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I would like to have my rates/fees reviewed (lowered)

Step 1:


If a merchant is requesting that their fee/rates be lowered, advise them that a rate review request can be submitted on their behalf. This should also be offered if the merchant wants to close their account.


Step 2:


Advise the merchant that it will take up to a week to complete the review. Advise them to call merchant services after five business days to verify their request status.


Step 3:


To submit a review request, have the merchant submit a letter in writing to IMS. If the merchant has been offered lower rates by a competitor, advise the merchant to fax or mail a copy of the quote they received from the competitor along with their letter requesting a rate review.


Step 4:


Instruct the merchant to either mail or fax their request to, attention: Administration. Fax # 818-936-7899. They may mail it to: Innovative Merchant Solutions, 26541 Agoura Rd, Suite 200, Calabasas, CA., 91302.




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