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The Nurit 2080 is a low-cost, powerfully featured and compact addition to the popular series of Lipman POS/EDC terminals.

Simple or complex business transactions are processed for maximum communication efficiency and ease-of-use to answer the POS requirements of a merchant.

Designed for years of dependable operation, the NURIT naturally operates with any of the Lipman-Nurit series of impact and thermal roll printers providing the user with the ideal “All-In-One Modular Solution.” Logically, this terminal is also designed to smoothly integrate and operate with external printers of most other manufacturers.

The NURIT 2080 provides consumers with the convenience and confidentiality of controlling the transaction by swiping their own debit/credit cards, dipping their own smart cards and keying-in their PINS. Compact all-in-one it frees up limited counter space. The NURIT 2080 complies with the global EMV/Level 1 standard and will provide software libraries compliant with the EMV Level 2 standard.

The NURIT 2080 is Lipman’s commitment to excellence in design and quality and your best value in a POS terminal.
  • Small footprint occupies minimal work space.
  • Very compact integrated design; wall or swivel-base mountable.
  • Large back-lit display & 4 "soft keys".
  • 8 second average transaction time.
  • Multi-host capability including AMEX PIP.
  • Handles various EDC transaction types: credit, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), check guarantee and truncation, phone cards and more.
  • All versions consist of dual-track, dual-way card readers, 2400 bps modem, 1MB Flash and 128K of RAM.
  • Current and history batch reports available.
  • New download initialization function within menu (in addition to the operating system).
  • Supports peripherals such as PCs, PIN pads, smart card and check readers.
  • Communicates via built-in telephone modem for operation over regular telephone lines or cellular networks via external interface.
  • User Interface
    • 32-character LCD display (back lit)
    • Full alphanumeric capabilities
    • 30-key, highly-reliable, ergonomically-designed keypad (13 programmable keys)
    • Magnetic card reader track 2 (optional track 1&2)
    • User-friendly menu-driven system
    • Optional built-in PIN pad feature
    • Optional smart card reader with SAM
  • Hardware and Software
    • Processing: Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor, type EC68000
    • Memory: Total of 640 KB (or more) of memory divided as follows:
      • 512 KB flash memory for loader, operating system, application, protocols and parameters
      • 256KB battery backed-up RAM (rechargeable) for user data (including RAM disk). Two months minimum data retention Programming
      • Fully soft operating system for custom application reprogramming in C language
      • Complete and detailed hardware/software built-in tests
      • Reprogramming possible by downloading over phone
      • Operating system support for easy programming
      • Major third-party credit, debit and check verification host programs
      • Security
      • User programming security and authorization access
      • Program password protection
      • Optional PIN pad encryption capability
  • Communication
    • Dial-up modem @ 300 & 1200 bps (CCITT V22, Bell212). Optional 2400 bps (CCITT V22bis) Synchronous and asynchronous communication protocols
    • Operating system support for asynchronous protocols (VISA 1 & 2 etc...) and synchronous protocols (HDLC etc...)
  • Interfacing
    • 2 x RJ-11 2/6 connectors for line and telephone
    • 1 x 8-pin DIN connector for external printer interface (RS-232 port up to 9,600 bps)
    • 1 x RJ-11 4/4 connector for PIN pad interface (RS-232 port up to 9,600 bps)
    • 1 x RJ-45 connector for general purpose RS-232 port (up to 19,200 bps)
    • Optional RS-485 Local Area Network (LAN) port instead of telephone
    • Optional Smart Card Interface
    • Optional smart card interfaces (supports ISO-7816)
    • Enables low-cost, total smart card solution
    • One interface used for merchant purse and another for customer card (with NURIT 252 PIN pad)
    • Eliminates the need of high-cost external devices
    • Dimensions: 150 x 183 x 55 mm [5.9 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches]
    • Weight: 650 g [1.40 lbs]
  • POWER SUPPLY: UL certified 9V DC/0.5A AC/DC adaptor (supplied)
  • APPROVALS: Complies and registered with FCC parts 15 and 68



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