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Benefits of Innovative Gateway

Innovative Charge - The actual internet-based payment engine. We do not require your customers to connect to our payment servers. The entire transaction process can run in the background with the communication occurring between the merchant server (your web site) that is promoting goods or services, and our secure payment processing gateway.

Innovative Fraud Screening Tool (IFST) - Our Basic Innovative Fraud Screening Tool functions are applied automatically and included with all our services. Premium Innovative Fraud Screening Tool provides additional user-variable filters that will allow users of our Innovative Charge services to customize the screening parameters. This provides additional latitude in choosing a level of "security" commensurate with their products and marketplace.

Innovative Fraud Screening Tools are enhanced with an interface that allows merchants to review information about addresses that have failed their scoring guidelines. Merchants can also choose to be e-mailed anytime an address is unknown to our US address database. Our addresses are kept current based on information released monthly by the United States Postal Service. Merchants who sign up for Innovative Gateway Solutions' iCharge service will have access to a number of tools that ease the job of running an online store and help protect against fraud. These include:

Credit Card Number (MOD 10) Validation
Customized "Required Data Field" Review
Proprietary Data Encryption
Credit Card Type Validation
Credit Card and BIN Number
Duplicate Order Monitoring
Negative Credit Card Database
Customizable IP Address, E-mail Address,
and Country Filtering
Area Code/State and Zip Code/State Matching Check
Internal Intrusion Detection System
Multiple Login Monitoring
Velocity Monitoring based on historical averages and average ticket volume
Password verification for all transactions
Restriction of access to sensitive data
Encryption of key data in the databases
Forced registration of servers that run transactions on behalf of a merchant
Separate registration of IP addresses running virtual transactions or online interface transactions.

Innovative Transaction Terminal (ITT) - The Innovative Transaction Terminal is a browser-based program that allows you to process transactions at the click of a button. This program utilizes our own secure servers which enables you to conduct business without the added cost of additional software. Our virtual terminal is launched via your web browser and in seconds your business is e-commerced enabled.

Innovative Management Reports - Innovative Gateway Solutions has a abundant amount of reports, report capabilities, and custom reports available to the online merchant.

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